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MusicNL Announce The 2023 Nominees Awards
Awards Week in St. Johns NL-October 18-23
By John Gavin, Tuesday, September 5, 2023


ASNfldmusicNLBanner2007.jpgMusicNL announced the best in class for 2023.

Leading the way is Nico Paulo with 7 nominations followed

by Mallory Johnson and Jason Benoit with 6 nominations

followed by Baraka, Youngtree & The Blooms, Jing Xia and

The Swinging Belles with 4 nominations each.

A new award to celebrate francophone music in NL was

announced: L'Artist/Groupe Francophone de L'Annee.

Nominations for MusicNL's Honorary Awards will be

announced at a later date.

For a complete list of all nominees go to MusicNL website

address posted above.