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MusicNS Announce 2022 Music Artist Winners
In Sydney, Cape Breton November 6
By John Gavin, Tuesday, November 8, 2022


ASMusicNS2022AwardBanner.jpgThe MusicNS Music Awards were given out on Nov 6 2022

in Sydney, Cape Breton at the Membertou Center.

*****The Town Heroes

ASTownHeroesWins2Music2022Awards.jpg Here are some of the major winners:

Willie Stratton: Americana/Bluegrass Recording

Thomas Stajcer:Country Recording

Isabella Samson: Folk/Roots Recording

Dee Dee Austin: Indigeneous Artist and New Artist Recording

Neon Dreams: Music Video

Atay & Jax: Pop Recording

Shannon Quinn: Traditional/Roots Recording,

Reeny Smith: African NS Artist and Musician

Catherine Little: Classical Recording

Sam Wilson: Jazz Recording

For all the winners go MusicNS website, posted above