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Michael T Wall Releases New CD November 2021
Entitled: The Singing Newfoundlander
By John Gavin, Thursday, December 2, 2021


ASMichaelTWallTheSongingNewfoundlander.jpegMichael T Wall known as The Singing Newfoundlander

released a new CD by the same name in 2021.

The CD is a combination of 2 Vinyl Albums released in

1974 and 1975 remastered and distributed by Rose Dale

Music and Heritage Music Sales.

There are 24 tracks on the CD and here are the 23 songs

with introduction by the Late Harry Hibbs.

1-Introduction by The Late Harry Hibbs 2-The Singing Newfoundlander - 3-The Heritage- 4-Folks of Newfoundland -5-Island of Newfoundland- 6-Squid Jiggin' Ground - 7-Shake My Hand, I'm From Newfoundland - 8-Tribute to Cornor Brook- 9-The Man In The Moon Is A Newfie- 10-Come Home Newfoundlander - 11-Wearing of The Map - 12-Discovery of Newfoundland-13-Ode To Newfoundland- 14-They Call It Canada (But I Call I Home)-15-Maritime Fever-16-Ode To The Newfie Bullet-17-Parliament Hill-18-Come On Down To Toronto-19-I'm Coming Home To You Newfoundland-20-Ballad of Stompin' Tom Connors-21-Newfie Screech-22-Hold Up Your Head Newfoundlander-23-Star of Loggy Bay-24-O Canada

- Michael T Wall singer/songwriter born in Corner Brook, Newfoundland

has spent his entire adult life promoting his home of Nfld. His leather jacket

features a rhinestone map of Newfoundland. Michael T. at age 83 isn't ready

for retirement. During his amazing career he has performed in Poland, Soviet Union, Australia (4 times), Japan, China, Isreal, Grand Ole Opry in Nashville and Canada.

To purchase this CD refer to the above e-mail address