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A 45 Legacyof Country Music CD by Royalty Records
A Collection of 17 Songs
By John Gavin, Sunday, February 23, 2020


A new CD was released by Royalty Records in Edmonton in February 2020 entitled A 45 YEAR LEGACY OF COUNTRY MUSIC.

The CD contains 17 tracks of various country singers from Western Canada and the CD brings to us a lot of memories of great songs and singers.

It was produced by Legend Country singer R HARLAN SMITH of Royalty Records. Smith at age 80 was founder of the record company back in the seventies and still going strong. He was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame as Builder in 2005. The songs go back some years ago and brought back to life with singers of today. All the recordings were recorded in Edmonton studios with Edmonton Engineers, singers and musicians.

Here are the song titles and singers:

Won't Be Over You-Hey Romeo

The Best-Jay Sparrow

Before The Afternoon-The Orchard

Sip A Lil' Summertime-Chris Chuck Band

To See Your Face Again-Blackie Jackett Jr.

Southern Ground-The Orchard

Come Out Here And Dance-Hey Romeo

Promise To Deliver-Blackie Jackett Jr

Ain't It Funny-Wayne Void

I Won't Lose Any Sleep-Chris Nelson

If You'd Just Be A Memory-R. Harlan Smith

The Ballad of Dawson City-Jimmy Arthur Ordge

Same Old Me-Joyce Smith

Fiddle & A Bow-Larry Gustaison

All For You-Gary Fjellgaard

Easy Feelin' Dream-Chris & Harlan

Autumn Leaves-Laura Vinson

A four star rating from Atlantic Seabreeze.

For more information regarding this CD and others by Royalty Records, contact the above posted e-mail address.