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Kevin Beanland (The Flying Fiddler) CDs
In Louisiana and The Best of Kevin Beanland
By John Gavin, Tuesday, July 10, 2018


Kevin Beanland, known as The Air Canada's Flying Fiddler was born and raised in Flat River, Newfoundland. He was born in a musical family where timeless jigs and reels were played by his grandfather and uncles on the fiddle and accordion. In 1989, Kevin performed on board an Air Canada flight and the rest was history.He was offically named Air Canada's Flying Fiddler. He flew all over Canada & USA free to all his performances. He has travelled across North America, coast to coast bringing music and smiles to wherever he performs.

He has released several cassettes and CD's through the years and in 2018 he has not slowed down. In August 2018 he will be performing on Marine Atlantic Ferries between North Sydney, Cape Breton and Port aux Basques, Newfoundland . He will be entertaining the tourists and others as well every day on board the ship.

Atlantic Seabreeze obtained 2 CD's from Kevin recently and they are as follows:No 1: The Best of Kevin Beanland (Air Canada's Flying Fiddler)

It contains 19 tracks and one is as good as the other. Some sample tracks are;

Monna's Tears - Teardrops On Her Pillow - Home Ties - Flying Fiddler's Reel - Trucker Kevin John - Heading For Newfoundland - Kevin John's Jig - The Moose Song and 11 more.

No2: Kevin Beanland In Louisiana

The CD contains 10 tracks with musician Mike Cormier. They performed in Louisina from April 10 to April 18 on a Louisiana Canada Cultural Exchange and dedicated this CD to the wonderful people of Louisiana. Here are some sample tracks:

Kevin's Country Guitar - Talking Guitar - Country Fiddle - Stacking The Slippers and 6 more.

To obtain Kevin Beanland's music and for bookings for festivals, concerts, dances and events, contact Kevin at