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Atlantic Seabreeze Celebrates 20 Years Dec 2017
It All Began December 1997
By John Gavin, Thursday, December 28, 2017


AS20thAnniversaryNo2.jpg ASAtlanticSeabreezepaperDec1997.jpg ASAtlanticSeabreezepaperDec2007.jpg
""""""""""""""""""First Newsletter December 1997Last computerized Newsletter December 2007
Atlantic Seabreeze, based in PEI is celebrating 20 years promoting country, Celtic and East Coast Music in December 2017.

Atlantic Seabreeze began in Toronto, Ont. December 1997 with an Entertainment Bi-montlly magazine, reaching out to all our friends of the East Coast, Celtic and Country Music. It was the first of its kind in Toronto which was a new promotion and publicity business to help to promote and publicize East Coast music in the Toronto and surrounding area.

It was felt for some time, that East Coasters living in tha area, wanted information about their favourite East Coast Musicians. The paper proved very popular and expanded from 4 pages in the beginning to 12 pages with its last issue December 2007. Publisher, John Gavin, retired in Toronto and moved to PEI. However in 1999 a new venture occurred by setting up the news on the website with the help of Eugene Ruthven web-designer, in Toronto.

The website grew into a full time adventure, and continues to this very day in December 2017. The website proved to be very successful and receives thousands of hits a month from all over the world which contains all sorts of information about our Canadian Music Artists. A bi/weekly newsletter was set-up and is sent out to all website viewers who have signed up for the letter on the website homepage.

Take note that website viewers can sign up for the newsletter, by going to Atlantic Seabreeze Homepage ( and click on Sign-up and follow the directions. Any comments would be appreciated by e-mailing to (