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Dawson Rutledge-CD-Monsters-In Review
Contains 9 Great Pop Songs
By John Gavin, Thursday, December 14, 2017


ASDawsonRutledgeMonsters.jpgASDawsonRutledge.jpg Dawson Rutledge, singer songer songwriter at age 20 from Cranbrook, British Columbia has just released his first full-length pop solo album entitled, Monsters.

Dawson is a hip, award winning, soophisticated young songwriter, a unique vocalist serious about his craft.

The album has a rustic, organic acoustic feel that has a warm '70' Woodstock vib to it. His voice and lyrics will have you stop and listen. One of the trademarks of this full-length album is how conceptually strong the collection is. Lyrics, music, vocals and arrangements all seem wonderfully consistent throughout the album and each song adds to a powerful feeling of romantic despair.

Here are the song titles:

Thief of A Lover - Holding My Own - Aid Me - When Life Gives You Monsters - Whispering Winds - Same Old News - Yours, Truly - Heavy Heart - Coffee Shop

All music and lyrics written by Dawson Rutledge except, Thief of A Lover and Whispering Winds. The CD was produced, recorded and mixed by Justin Guip at Milan Hill Studio.

Musicians who helped Dawson with the album were:

Shane Leonard, Jesse Murphy, Glenn Patscha, Larry Campbell, Leslie Mendelson, Josh Colow, Ben Senterfit, Justin Guip

This album is a sure winner for Dawson says Atlantic Seabreezze and gives this album a 5+ rating out ot 5 stars. We forsee many award nominations for this album and multiple awards as well.

To puchase this album and find more information about Dawson, refer to his website, address posted above.