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Atlantic Seabreeze Newsletter Subscribers Notice
By John Gavin, Saturday, September 30, 2017


To All Atlantic Seabreeze Newsletter Subscribers!

Atlantic Seabreeze apoligies for the Newsletter problems for the last number of years.

It was found out lately, that many of those who signed up for the letter were not receiving the letter for some reason, for a number of years.

We were never contacted by those who did not receive the newsletter to see why they were not receiving the letter.

It was found out lately that there were errors in the Newsletter computer program, and they have now been corrected.

All those who earlier signed-up for the letter and not receiving it, have been contacted, and we ask that those who didn't follow step 2 to do so now, while all others who signed up step 2, you should now receive the next newsletter.


John Gavin

Atlantic Seabreeze