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Chef Adams, Country Music Pioneer Passes Away
On August 28/17 at age 90
By John Gavin, Saturday, September 02, 2017


ASChefAdamsPassesAwayAug2017.jpg ASChefAdamsRecentPhoto2017.jpg
Chef Adams, one of Canada's pioneer country artists passed away on Aug 28, 2017 in Lindsay, Ontario at age 90. Chef was a country singer, songwriter, promoter most of his life. He released albums on the Canatal, Arc, Paragon, Marathon, Boot and Cheyenne record labels and charted several singles on the RPM Charts.

After working in restaurants (where he earned the nickname, CHEF) he began to pursue his recording career as Chef Adams. He was born in Sturgis, Saskatchewan as Adam, Edward Semeniuk and moved to Toronto, Ontario in 1952 and began his recording career in 1956 with Quality Records. His first singles were, Now That You're Gone and Marilyn Bell Has Done It Again. Chef's most outstanding album was his 1971 LP, SINGER/SONGWRITER released on the Paragon Label with 9 songs all written by Chef.

At the height of his career, he toured Ontario extensively and was a guest on several radio/TV shows and worked with many of Nashville's top stars of the day. He, at the peak of his career, he operated a country music club , called Club Gold Guitar in Toronto, a Booking agency and a record store.

Chef was a founding member of the Classic Country Music Reunion and is credited with founding and co-ordinating the annual Maple Leaf Country Jamboree held annually in central Ontario