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Doug Dorward CD, Waves-In Review
Contains 10 Fiddle Selections
By John Gavin, Friday, September 1, 2017


Doug Dorward, fiddler from Scotland/Newfoundland, has recently released his new debut album entitled, WAVES

Doug was born in Scotland and in 2014 moved to Newfoundland. He became a part of the lively Newfoundland traditional music scene and incorporated the styles and tunes into his own playing.

The album is a brand new recording of traditional Scottish and Newfoundland tunes. The CD was nominated for traditional instrumental recording of the year at ECMA 2017 in Saint John, NB. The CD was recorded at Sound Solutions in St. John's, NL and produced by Aaron Collins and engineered by Billy Sutton.

There are 10 tracks on the album and here are the titles:

Morag and Binker's - Good Morning You Would Like Some Tea

Crossing The Bridge - Salt Pound Singles - Merrymaking

Alfie's New Home - The Ornitologist - Lullaby - The Rock

Naxos Dance Party Breakdown

Musicians included on the album were:

Doug Dorward-Duane Andrews-Emilia Bartellas-Matthew Byrne-Aaron Collis-Andrew Dale-Jim Dawe-Daniel Hawkins-Rich Klaas-Tom Power-Josh Ward Doug's experience in Nfld inspired him to record his first album which combines the traditional music of Scotland and Newfoundland.

Doug does a fine job on this album and Atlantic Seabreeze gives the album a full 5 star rating out of 5 stars, and we predict that Doug will have an outstanding music career in Newfoundland and abroad.

For more information regarding Doug and his music, refer to his website, address posted above.