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Dennis Ellsworth/Kinley Dowling New CD In Review
Entitled, Everyone Needs To Chill Out
By John Gavin, Monday, August 28, 2017


Dennis Ellsworth, singer /songwriter from PEI and Kinley Dowling singer/fiddler from PEI, just released their debut CD together in August 2017 entitled, Everyone Needs To Chill Out.

The CD contains 10 tracks and 9 of the songs were written by Dennis and Kinley. The other song entitled, I'm Obscured, was written by Justin Rutledge.

Here are the 10 track titles:

I'm Obscured - Virgina - Panorama - Snowing In Amsterdam

Something Beautiful - I Tried To Be Your Lover

Sorrowful Woman - Peaks of Heaven - Washington - Joni

Musicians on the CD were:

Dennis Ellsworth, guitars, vocals, synths

Kinley Dowling, violin, vocals

Aaron Comeau, guitars, bass, synths, organs, piano

Michael Brushey, drums, percussion

Adam Gallant, handclaps, percussion

The CD was produced by Aaron Comeau, Dennis Ellsworth and Kinley Dowling.

All songs were well-written and fans will certainly enjoy the music and songs. Dennis and Kinley do a super job singing and performing together says Atlantic Seabreeze and forsees much success with the album and a well deserved 5 star out of 5 stars rating is credited to this fine album.

For more information regarding this album, refer to their website, address posted above.