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Katherine Moller-CD_Stormqueen-In Review
Celtic Fiddle With A Classical Twist
By John Gavin, Sunday, August 6, 2017


Katherine Moller, an award winning fiddler from New Brunswick just released in July 2017 her fifth CD entitled StormQueen.

She is one of New Brunswick's most versatile musicians and one of NB's true fiddle ambassadors. Katherine is compared to Juno Award winning Celtic fiddler Natalie MacMaster, Scotland's Alasdair Fraser and Liz Carroll.

Here new CD entitled, StormQueen contains 14 selections of all original music. It contains classical, baroque and Celtic fiddle. Here are the 14 titles:

The Kilted Plummer - Sunshower - Circle The Dragons

Bear The Tinker - The Friar's Walk - Jim The Minstrel

The Tinker's Dram - Dog Days - Garrison Waltz - Belfast

Fiefly Dance - Storm Queen - Gateway To Paradise - The Oak Grove

Musicians on the CD Include:

Katherine Moller, fiddle - Kim Moller, bodhran, shaker - Dan Cutrona, keys, piano - Remi Arsenault, electric bass, acoustic bass, guitar - Nat Lamoureux, drums

All compositions on this CD were composed by Katherine. Being one of today's most vibrant, versatile and energetic fiddlers, Katherine brings together the highlands of Scotland, the lush greens of Ireland and the majesty of the St. John River Valley. With ever-rising popularity, this 3-time Music N B Award Winner and ECMA Nominee, shows that without a doubt, she truly is the mater of four strings and a bow.

Atlantic Seabreeze says this CD is a joy to listen to, and a welcome addition to followers of fiddle music. It is a 5 star rated CD out of five stars by Atlantic Seabreeze.

The CD is composed of original Celtic music, and Katherine's orchestral influences show through in lush orchestration along with the use of baroque sounds like the harpsichord and lute.

For more information regarding Katherine and her music, refer to her wbsite, address posted above.