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Stompin' Tom Center Opening In Photos
July 1 and 2, 2017 (Photos by John Gavin)
By John Gavin, Saturday, July 08, 2017


ASStompinTomCenterandSchoolJuly12017.jpg ASMrsConnorsandsonStompinJrJuly12017.jpg ASFatherBudBlessesTheStompinTomCenterJuly12017.jpg
Stompin' Tom Event Center and SchoolMrs Lena Connors and Son Tom Jr. Meets

The Public

Father Bud Blesses New Event Center
ASWallDisplayinCenterJuly12017.jpg ASKurkBernardandBillyMacInnisPerformingJuly12017.jpg ASIvanDaigleandBandPerformingJul22017.jpg
Wall Display In Center EntranceKurk Bernard and Billy MacInnis PerformingIvan Daigle from New Brunswick Performing
ASTimHussPerformingatOpeningJuly12017.jpg ASMattMinglewoodPerformingJuly22017.jpg ASStompinTomSchoolOnOpeningDayJuly12017.jpg
Tim Hus from Alberta PerformingMatt Minglewood from Nova Scotia PerformingStompin' Tom School On Opening Day July 1, 2017
ASGordieMcKeemananandRhythmBoysPerforminJully22017.jpg ASMikePlumefromAlbertaPerformingJuly22017.jpg ASMikePlumeTimHusKurkBernardSTCFestivalJuly22017.jpg
Gordie MacKeeman and His Rhythm Boys performing

July 2/17 at Stompin' Tom Festival

Mike Plume from Alberta Performing

at Stompin' Tom Festival July 2/17

Mike Plume, Tim Hus, Kurk Bernard

at Stompin' Tom Bar July 2, 2017