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Florian Hoefner Group-CD-Luminosity Review
Nominaed For An ECMA 2017 For Jazz Recording Of The Year
By John Gavin, Thursday, February 16, 2017


ASFlorianHoefnerGroupCDLuminosity.jpg ASFlorianHoefnerGroup.jpg
Florian Hoefner, German-Born Pianist, living in St. John's, Newfoundland, released his third CD entitled Luminosity in 2015 and it has been nominated for Jazz Recording of The Year.

The 33 year old pianist embarked on generaing the pieces that comprise Luminosity, of original quartet music for Origin Records.

The group comprises of Florian Hoefner, piano-Seamus Blake, tenor & soprano saxophone, Sam Anning, bass and Peter Kronreif, drums.

Hoefner's well-calibrated touch, his bedrock time feel, his contrapuntal and timbral ingenuity, animate the performaces; Blake's lyric declamations complement and craft throughout.

There are 8 track on the album and here are the titles:

The Narrows - In Circles - Luminosity - Newfound Jig

Elements - Reminiscence - The Bottom Line - North Country

The CD was produced by Florian Hoefner and recording by Michael Brorby at Acoustic Recording, Brooklyn, NY.

The proof of Hoefner's development since entering the fray is palpable; multiple listenings to Luminosity reveal different layers of the composer's art.

A great listening-to Jazz album says Atlantic Seabreeze, and we forsee many nominations and awards for this incredible album. A 5 star+ rating out of 5 stars for this album.

For more information regarding Florian Hoefner and his music, refer to his website, address posted above.