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News in Photos as of October 29 2022
By John Gavin, Thursday, November 10, 2022


Remembering East Coast/Ontario Fiddler

BRIAN BARON who passed away on

October 31, 2017. Brian Baron will

always be remembered for his outstanding

fiddling on the tune, Orange Blossom Special

and his great performances

on the famous June Pasher Show in Toronto

in the 1990's for a number of years

One of The East Coast favourite bands, JOHN PRINCE AND A PIECE OF THE ROCK seen here performing at the Newmarket Folk Society in Ontario October 29, 2022 (Photo by Bruce Roberts)





Happy 85th Birthday to Country Music Legend Whispering BILL ANDERSON on November 1, 2022.

Bill is the most successful country songwriter in history

He is in the Country Music Hall of Fame and The Songwriters Hall of Fame.

He performs regularly as of today at the Grand Ole Opry

Remembering Country Music Legend JOHNNY HORTON who was killed in an automobile accident

on November 5, 1960 at age 35. He will always be remembered for his famous No 1 songs


Remembering Country Music legend HANK THOMPSON who passed away on November 6, 2007 at age 82 from lung cancer. Hank had 29 top 10 songs from 1948-1975. Top songs include: One Six Pack To Go, Blackboard of My Heart, Squaws Along The Yukon, Pick Me Up On Your Way Down, Geisha Girl and many more.Remembering Music Artist Drummer DON BELL of the popular band, Dave Whalen & The Starlites in Toronto, Ontario who passed away on Nov 4, 2022 of cancer. He played drums for the band for years and certainly will be missed by the Band, family and fans. May he rest in peace.
TOWN HEROES from Cape Breton won 2 MusicNS Awards on

November 6/22 in Sydney for ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR


Remembering CHARLIE DICK widower of famous Country Music legend PATSY CLINE who passed away in his sleep on November 8, 2015 at age 81. He was very responsible for helping to keep to artistic legacy of his late wife intact over the years.
Remembering Country Music Legend JEFF COOK (center) of the famous

Music Group ALABAMA who passed away on Novemer 7, 2022 at age 73

of Parkinsons Disease.

NL/Toronto East Coast Music Legend ROY PAYNE from Trout River, NL is visited by Linda Conn (Wells) of Conn Country during Veterans Week at Sunnybrook Veterans Hospital in Nov 2022. Roy spent several years in the Canadan Military Overseas
Dan McCafferty of the Legend Scotland Band NAZARETH passed away on Nov 8, 2022 at age 76 0f CODD. Nazareth was formed in 1968 (54 years ago). Original Band member Pete Agnew is the last surviving band member. Dan retired (original band member) retired in 2013 of ill health. Remembering Canadian Country Music Singer JOE FIRTH who passed away on November 9, 2021 in his 81st year. Joe was a very poular country performer and performed across Canada for several years and appeared on many TV shows such as The Tommy Hunter Show
Remembering Country Music Artist and Commedian STRINGBEAN who was murdered on Novmber 10, 1973 at age 58. He was one of the stars on TV's Hee Haw for many years