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ECMA 2022 Part 1 Award Winners May 5, 2022
in Frederction, New Brunswick
By John Gavin, Sunday, May 8, 2022


ASECMABannerNODate.jpgThe ECMA Award Winners Part 1 were given out

ar the Gala Music Awards at the Aitken University Center

in Frederction, NB on May 5, 2022. The awards show was

seen live on facebook, across the Rogers Network as well.

Here are the award winners:

Album-Hillsburn: Slipping Away

African Canadian Artist: Zamani

Contemporary/Roots Recording: Quote The Raven

Francophone Recording: Chloe Breault

Fans Choice Entertainer: Justin Fancy

Fans Choice Video: Mallory Johnson & Twin Kennedy

Group Recording: Hillsburn

Indigenous Artist: Morgan Toney

Rap/Hip-Hop Recording: One8tea

Rock Recording: Kelly McMichael

Solo Recording: Andrew Waite

Song: (A Tie) Breagh Isabel (Girlfriends) &

** Dylan Menzie (A Heart That Doesn't Want Me)

Songwriter: Rube & Rake

Awards Breakdown by Region

Cape Breton: 2

New Brunswick: 2Nfld & Labrador: 5

Nova Scotia: 3

PEI: 2

The ECMA have addtionally announced that Halifax, NS

will host the 35th anniversary of the East Coast Music

Awards: Festival & Conference on May 4 - 8, 2023