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Kim Stockwood Releases New EP October 20, 2017
Entitled, Sometimes The Moon
By John Gavin, Sunday, October 22, 2017


Kim Stockwood, singer/songwriter from Newfoundland has released her new EP entitled, SOMETIMES THE MOON with Bill King on October 20/17 at Jazz Bristo in Toronto, Ontario.

The new EP contains 6 new songs for Kim including one special one, the title of the EP, Sometimes The Moon was written by Music Legend, Ron Hynes 25 years ago and never recorded by Ron who passed away Nov 19, 2015.

Kim's first album in 2011 entitled, Back To The Water, was an ECMA winner in 2011. This EP includes a beautiful song entitled, I'll Never Smile Again by songwriter, Ruth Lowe. Other songs on the EP are: Imagine That-When I Most Miss You-Crying Time-We'll Meet Again.

Watch for the EP in a music store near you.