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Over The Moon-CD-Moondancer-In Review
A Duo From Alberta With 10 Tracks
By John Gavin, Friday, October 13, 2017


ASOverTheMoonMoondancer.jpg ASOverTheMoonProfilePhotoOct2017.jpg
A new debut CD entitled Moon Dancer by Over The Moon from Alberta has just being released. Over The Moon is an Acoustic Roots Duo featuring Suzanne Levesque and Craig Bignell and have award winning vocals and are multi- instumentalists.

The CD reflects their beautiful two-part harmony style that they are known for and the wide array of acoustic instruments that they play. Most of the songs are original and tell stories of life living in Southern Alberta's ranching country. The title song Moondancer was given to them by their artist/ranching neighbor Ian Tyson.

Their debut album mostlly written and recorded on the ranch where they live, and the resonances are there for all to hear, reflecting the pulse of life living in a territory that is rugged and beautiful.

The CD contains 10 tracks and here are their titlles:

Strangers We Meet - House On The Hill - Turtle Mountain

Over The Moon - Moondancer - You Don't Even Know

By The Mark - The Hills of Grey County - Alberta Moon

That's How I Learned To Sing The Blues

Several musicians helped Over The Moon with the music and here are some of the artists who performed on various tracks:

Aaron Young -Dants Kaldia - Travis Switzer - Jonathan Lewis Cedric Blary - Craig Bignell - Steve O'Connor and others.

The CD is receiving many favourable reviews and BBC Radio says the CD is absolutely brilliant and there's so much to enjoy here. Atlantic Seabreze agrees and gives the album a full 5 star rating out of 5 stars.

For more information. regarding the album, refer to Over the Moon website address posted above.