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Catherine MacLellan-CD-If It's Alright With You
Receives an ECMA 2018 Nomination Award for Folk Recording of The Year
By John Gavin, Tuesday, February 6, 2018


Catherine MacLellan, a major ECMA Award Winner, a singer/songwriter and a 2015 Juno Winner from PEI and daughter of famous the late great Gene MacLellan, has just relased in July 2017 a new CD entitled, If It's Alright With You , The Songs of Gene MacLellan.

The CD contains 13 songs all written by Gene MacLellan and Catherine sings all songs in her own style, which is an incredible tribute to her dad. The CD was produced by Chris Gauthier and recorded at Dunk River Sound, PEI.

Here are the song titles: Pages of Time - If It's Alright With You - Thorn In My Shoe

The Call - Snowbird - Put Your Hand In The Hand

Just Wanna Be Loved By You - Won't Talk About Love - Lonesome River

Face In The Mirror - Bidin' My Time - Faces - Shilo Song

Many musicians helped Catherine with the music namely:

Remi Arsenault-Chris Gauthier-Jon Rehder-Dale DesRoches-Chris Corrigan-Karen Graves-Meaghan Blanchard-Sean Ferris-Thomas Webb-John Connolly-J.P. Cormier-Dave Gunning

Catherine said it was an honour to remember her dad with this CD and is proud to be a songwriter's daughter and to follow his footsteps. She said she is amazed that a young boy living in PEI could accomplish such impressive feats in pop culture. Catherine said she had a difficult time choosing songs for this album as she had hundreds to choose from and perhaps down the road she will put together some of her fathers lesser known songs on a follow-up CD.

This album is a must for music lovers and especially all famous songs written by Gene MacLellan and sung by an astonishing music artist, Catherine MacLellan says Atlantic Seabreeze and we give this album a full 5 star + rating out of 5 stars.

For more information regarding Catherine and her music, refer to her website, address posted above.