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More Photos At CMAOntario in London June 11 2017
Photos Taken by John Gavin, Atlantic Seabreeze
By John Gavin, Tuesday, July 18, 2017


ASKellyPrescottJune112017.jpg ASAbramsJuned112017.jpg ASAbramswithJohnGavinJune112017.jpg ASBuckTwentyJune112017.jpg
Kelly Prescott,

Roots Artist Nominee

The Abrams,

Roots Artist Winners

The Abrams with John Gavin,

Music Promoter of Atlantic Seabreeze

Buck Twenty

Rising Star Nominee

ASSDericRuttanJune112017.jpg ASJimCuddyJune112017.jpg ASJasonMcCoyJune112017.jpg ASAaronPritchettJune112017.jpg
Deric Ruttan

Songwriter of the Year

Jim Cuddy (Blue Rodeo)

Winners of Impact Award

Jason McCoy

Host of The June 11/17 Award Show

Aaron Pritchett

Performer on Awards Show