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Quote The Raven - CD -Misty Mountains-In Review
Received 2 MusicNL Nominations
By John Gavin, Friday, May 12, 2017


ASQuoteTheRavenCDMistyMountains.jpg ASQuoteTheRavenMay2017.jpg
Quote The Raven, a duo from St. John's, Newfoundland comprising of Jordan Coaker and Kristen Rodden-Clarke have released their debut CD in 2016 entitled, Misty Mountains and were nominated for Rising Stars of The Year and Folk/Roots Album of the Year at MusicNL in 2016.

The album contains 6 songs and the titles are:

Misty Mountains - She Loves Me Not - Winter's Evergreen - Whispering Willows - Nothing Quite Like A Dream - Currents

Musicians on the album were:

Jordan Coaker, guitar and vovals-Kristen Rodden-Clarke, vocals & keys-Pat Moran, violin-Aaron Collis, mandolin, banjo, accordion-Robert Kelly, brass, keys, percussion-Chad Murphy, lead guitar on Currents-Ryan Tobin, additional percussion.

The CD was produced by Robert Kelly at The Baty Cave. All the songs words are contained in the CD jacket and well-written says Atlantic Seabreeze. Jordan Coaker is also a member of the popular Newfoundland Band, Waterfrontfire.

This is a very exciting album and the duo's strong singing vocals adds much success to this album. Atlantic Seabreeze gives this album a very high rating on its rating list.

Their website is now under construction, and stay tuned for its completition. In the meantime, check their facebook for all their music information.