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Orchard - CD-The Great Unknown - In Review
Contains 7 New Songs
By John Gavin, Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Kasha Anne and Mitch Smith, duo country singer/songwriters from Alberta recently released their third album entitled, The Great Unknown. The duo have a cosmic blend of rock, country and pop.

Led by the antemic first single from the album, Sometimes I Wonder, The Great Unknown is a cosmic blend of rock, country and pop. It's a vision the pair had from the begining of completely ignoring genre definitions and just doing what came naturally.

They are signed to Royalty Records and have distribution through Sony Music Entertainment. Their debut album, Southern Ground, was released in 2012 with all five singles charted in the top 100 of the Trax. Their second album, Georgia was released in 2014 and the album receved 5 nominations at the Country Music Awards in Alberta.

The CD, The Great Unknown contains 7 tracks and here are the titles:

Sometimes I Wonder - Dream Inside A Dream - The Great Unknown - Muddy Waters - Bright Eyes - Your Story - Before The Afternoon

All songs on the album were written by Mitch and Kasha Anne. It was produced and mixed by Jim Scott and recorded at OCL Studios in Calgary, Alberta.

Musicians include: Kasha Anne Smith, Mitch Smith, Andreas Wegner, Thom Bennett, Murray Pulver, Neal Casal.

The results reveal The Orchard's true identity for the first time, a songwriting partnership, and band, able to bring together music fans of all types through their fresh and exciting sound.

Atlantic Seabreeze says, it a fine album production and great strong vocals fom Kasha Anne and well-selected written songs. Very high ratings on our rating charts.

For more information regarding The Orchard and their music, refer to their website, address posted above.