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Currents of Sable Island In Review
Nominated For An ECMA 2017 Award-Classical Recording
By John Gavin, Friday, February 10, 2017


Atlantic Seabreeze just received a classical album from composer Scott Macmillan, guitarist and composer, entitled, CURRENTS OF SABLE ISLAND. The album received an ECMA 2017 nomination for Classical composition of the Year.

Scott visited Sable Island in 2007 and was very impressed with the Island and he conjures up the mystery and treachery of Sable Island with the use of violin, cello and bass, augmented by French horn, flute/tin whistle, guitar, harp, percussion and voice.

This evocative opening stanza from Jill MacLeans poem Sable Island 44oN60oW sets the mood for Canadian composer Scott Macmillan's Currents of Sable Island which premiered in Halifax, NS on July 3, 2008.

Here are the Currents of Sable Island Ensemble:

Laurel Browne, soprano-Scott Macmillan, guitar-Jennifer Jones, violin-Hilary Brown, cello-Max Kasper, bass-Karen Rokos, harp-Mary Lee, french horn-Glenn Coolen, flute & tin whistle-D'arcy Gray, percussion.

Scott Macmillan was producer of this album. He is an associate composer with the Canadian Music Center and is a multiple East Coast Music Award Winner and continues to play a significant role expanding audiences for Atlantic Canadian Music nationally and internationally.

The music on this album is a state of music art and the sounds are outstanding and the soprano voice of Laurel Browne throughout the album is something to behold.

A five star out of a five stars rating by Atlantic Seabreeze. The album is a must for all Classical music lovers.

For more information regarding this album. got to the above posted website address.