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Hints for What's On Where

  1. If you do not click on anything but on the grey box (saying Click Here to See List) at the bottom of the page, the following defaults will be used:
    • Today
    • All Venues
    • Toronto

  2. You know you have successfully clicked on the grey box (saying Click Here to See List) at the bottom of the page when your mousepointer changes shape. This new shape is usually a small arrow beside a hourglass.

  3. If you do not click on one of:
    • Today
    • Tomorrow
    • This Weekend
    • Next Weekend
    • This Month
    • Next Month
    • This Week (Mon to Fri)
    Today will be used by default.

    You know if you have clicked on one of the above when a black dot appears in the centre of the white circle.

  4. To pick a venue from the Venues list or a place from the Cities/Towns/Regions list, use your mouse to click on your choice. Your choice will then be highlighted - appear in white print on a dark background.

  5. You can move through the list of Venues or Cities/Towns/Regions by clicking on a choice and using the Up Arrow, Down Arrow, Page Up, Page Down, Home, or End keys.

    You can also use the mouse to click and hold the grey box on the right side of the list and move it up and down.

    In some browsers, you can type the first letter of your choice again and again to move down the list.

    Keep in mind that different browsers and different versions of those browsers may do different things.

  6. If you pick something from Venues other than All Venues, it does not matter what you pick in Cities/Towns/Regions.